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We  welcome you and your family to enjoy a beautiful and natural way to  achieve optimal health and well-being. We serve all ages and walks of  life! 

Whether  you are trying to overcome an injury, experiencing uncomfortable  symptoms, already leading a healthy lifestyle, or simply want more for  your life, Advanced Body Chiropractic, is here for you!

Human family members

We treat joint and muscle conditions by examining and identifying instabilities in the body. We utilize methods that allow for rapid corrections resulting in improved function, reduced pain, and increased human performance. The primary cause of pain and inflammation are muscle and skeletal imbalances that over time, can cause chronic pain. We define functional imbalances and correct them using the AMIT Method, chiropractic care, acupuncture and nutrition. 

On 4 Legs family members

We focus on the health of your pet’s body as a whole by utilizing animal chiropractic methods.  We work in conjunction with your current veterinarian to increase the quality and duration of your pet's life. We use chiropractic manipulations in order to restore movement and function of the joints and allow the body to heal from within.    

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