Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel releif with one treatment?

Once a treatment begins the body recognizes that someone is paying attention and start to go into a “show & tell” mode. You may come in one day with a shoulder pain, the doctor will fix that and the next time you come in it may be your knee that is giving you trouble. It is possible to find relief with a single appointment, although keep in mind that the body will continue to display the next level of imbalances. This treatment is a process and is based on wellness and care.

How do I know if a muscle is shut down?

During your exam appointment, the Doctor will review the findings from your exam and give you a copy of that full exam. This will outline each specific muscle group, as well as the number of muscles that are inhibited. After discussing your treatment plan, you will set up a series of appointments to get you on the road to balance and wellness.

What causes a muscle to shut down?

There are many things that can aid in shutting a muscle down. Simply being active and doing the many day-to-day activities put stresses on your body and can create imbalances. Strenuous activity, athletics, daily recreation, and nutritional habits are all examples of things that can contribute to muscles becoming inhibited.

How does a muscle get turned on?

In activating a muscle the Doctor must stimulate 7 reflux points using his hands. There is one neurovascular point, one neurolymphatic point, two organ reflex points, an acupressure point, and the origin an insertion of the muscle itself. After stimulating these points together, the Doctor will retest the muscle to determine that the muscle has become strong.

How often do I need to schedule treatments and how many muscles should I schedule each time?

The treatment process can go as fast or as slow as each individual patient desires. This may be determined by your time and finances. Because the Doctors schedules tend to fill up fast, it is best to schedule a few weeks out to ensure you get the times you need. Each muscle is $60 to get activated, the Doctors do recommend to do an even amount of muscles per session to help keep you balanced. We are able to do up to 6 muscles in a session.

Does a muscle ever need to be activated twice?

Unless there is an injury or accident that occurs a muscle, once activated, should not need to be reactivated. Occasionally the Doctor will find a muscle that has already been treated not holding. If this occurs the Doctor will look at the organ or gland in the body associated with that muscle and deliver nutrient or supplemental support. In doing this we should see immediate results showing that the muscle is again strong.

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